Case Converter

With Case Converter, you can edit all the upper and lower case letters in your texts quickly and practically without hassle. After writing and preparing all the text, you do not need to use extra software to detect and correct the existing lowercase and uppercase letters. Using the Case Converter tool, quickly and easily create high-to-small precision texts.

How to Use Case Converter?

With Case Converter you can easily edit all lowercase and uppercase letters in your text. Especially in long texts, you can edit them in a practical way without wasting time by correcting lowercase and uppercase letters one by one.

With Case Converter, you can quickly and easily correct errors in your text in a few seconds. To correct your copied text in the Case Converter tool, paste all the content in the "Text" section of the page. After you enter the text in the tool, you must specify how you want the case correction to be made.

Case Converter tool case correction;

  • Sentence Case,
  • All lower Case
  • All upper Case 
  • The first letter of the words is capitalized (Capitalized Case),

You can turn it into options. When you click on the selection you will make, the text arranged according to the relevant selection is automatically prepared.

What Does Case Converter Do?

Upper and lower case letters are frequently made in text writing. It is very troublesome and tiring to make lowercase and uppercase letters, especially for long texts. You can complete this process quickly and easily with our Case Converter tool. Thus, without having to download additional software to your device, you can edit the sensitivity of your texts in a fast, safe and high quality way.

You can set up case sensitivity in the most successful way in many subjects such as academic articles, website content and general postings. Thus, without the need for any typing, you can safely make letter corrections of your texts in seconds.


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