CSS Minifier

Fix unnecessary spacing and redundancy in CSS codes with one click! Get a much nicer and simplified CSS code.

The size of CSS files brings many problems for websites. For an SEO compatible web page, it is important to increase the page speed and obtain more dynamic web pages. For this, as an SEO criterion, it is ideal that the CSS files are small. However, CSS files are usually large. Additional software is usually needed to shrink it. Our CSS Minifier tool helps you to shrink CSS files without having to download/install extra software. You can use our completely free CSS Shrink/Compress tool online without downloading it.
In order to reduce the size of your CSS files, it cleans the unnecessary parts of the CSS codes in the file. Thus, the size of the CSS file, which preserves its basic functionality, is also reduced. You can use our CSS Minifier tool online for free on any web browser on all operating systems.

How to Use CSS Minifier

The process to shrink your CSS files with CSS Minifier is simple. Since you do not have to download and install programs on your device, you can complete the process simply and quickly. You must enter the CSS code that you will get from the web or source program in the relevant CSS code section in the CSS Minifier tool. You can use the "copy/paste" method for input.
After entering the CSS code in the relevant place, you can start the minification process for the CSS by clicking the "Minify" option. The reduction process is completed in seconds. Your new CSS code is ready in its minified-compressed form. You can easily copy this code with the "copy" icon on the right and paste it directly where you will use it.

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS for short, is a type of markup language used in addition to the HTML markup language. Text and format markup fields not found in HTML are gained with CSS markup language. It helps to gain more freedom of movement in web page designs. Today, websites widely use the CSS markup language. In this respect, it constitutes one of the 3 main foundations in the creation of the web.


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