Text to Slug

With the Text to Slug converter tool, you can quickly and easily create short URL names that you can use on web platforms. It eliminates the necessity of using a program/software in slug conversion of text content. It also appeals to the general user in a completely free and practical way.

How to Use Text to Slug?

It has a simplified usability that eliminates the hassle of creating slugs. In the Text to Slug converter tool, the text to be converted to Slug must be entered in the Text section. Unlike other converter tools, there is no file upload. For the operation, the text in the text file must be copied and pasted into the Text section of the tool. Or it should be written manually directly in the Text section.

After entering the text to be converted to URL in the Text section, you should click on the "Convert" option. You can easily copy from the copy section on the right of the created slug text. The copied slug text can be used easily as it is ready to use directly on the respective platform.

What is Slug?

A slug is a piece of URL defined to simplify readability on web pages. Therefore, it is considered as the section that defines the content of the page. E.g; It is “mobilecoral.com/text-to-slug”. Here, the short name/description part of the page is the "text-to-slug" part.

Slug is where each letter is made up of lowercase letters and there is a “dash” between each word. With the use of Slug, it increases the readability of website pages for both reader/visitor and web browser bots. Slug is one of the most necessary elements for SEO compatibility of websites. In order to create a custom URL or short URL name, the Slug format must be used effectively.

What is Text?

Text is the concept that defines a piece of text or each part of the elements that make up the text. More generally, it means "text word". Its Turkish equivalent is exactly "text". On the digital platform, the text file is located with the extension "txt".


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